Well I'm back (and married), it's been a hectic past few days.  Our wedding turned out amazing, even better than I would have expected.  There were a few hiccups along the way, but that's to be expected with so much going on.  

Enough about me, lets get talking about some drink coasters.  The ebay auction for my set of drink coasters has ended.  Did you happen to notice the picture above?  The one with the little red circle?  The one that says Winning bid?  Yup, they sold.  Unfortunately they only sold for the starting price of 99 cents, but did I mention they sold?  At the time the listing ended there were 485 views and 10 watchers.  Not too bad.  

The end of my drink coaster listing is nearing and I have some exciting news today, at least in my eyes.  Apparently it doesn't take too much to excite me.  I logged into my ebay account today and I am approaching 400 views (387 to be exact).  This being my first attempt at selling drink coasters I don't think that's too shabby.  I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think I have a shot at actually selling these.

I'm posting with slightly more enthusiasm today.  Sharing my ebay listing after my last post seemed to pay off as the views approached 60 the following day.  While continuing to monitor the view count I continued researching ways to find more ways to drive traffic to my listing. 

I found an overwhelming amount of information on how to drive traffic to websites.  There are many individuals out there who have put a lot of time and effort into finding strategies to obtain traffic.  Until now I didn't even realize what a hot topic this is for marketers.  During my search I also picked up a few other tips on promoting a product or website.  One recommendation that was often given was to try one strategy at a time.  What works for one website or product may not work for another.  if you attempt all the strategies to drive traffic at once, you might not always be sure which ones are paying off and which ones are a waste of time.  Heeding this advice, I am going to try one traffic building strategy to begin with.

In yesterday's post I shared my plan of getting the word out about my ebay listing.  This was done by sharing my ebay listing with family members in hopes they would tell others about it.  From what I've gathered they aren't very good about sharing my bad idea.  Currently I have 16 views on my Rustic Coasters.  I will have to expand my efforts and resort to sharing my listing with those outside my family.  I'm confident this will increase the listing exposure slightly.  I do have another plan up my sleeve that I will cover in an upcoming post which I believe will significantly increase the traffic to my listing.

It's still early in my endeavor, so I'm staying confident.  I do understand that what I hope to achieve will not be easy, but the plan is to try and keep a positive attitude and keep plugging away.

Welcome back.  After completing my post yesterday it occurred to me that there would likely be very few people turning to ebay to purchase drink coasters.  If you are in dire need of drink coasters you'd probably just run to the store to buy some.  Then again, I'm not quite sure what would constitute a dire need of such an item.  In order to get someone to purchase my set of Rustic Drink Coasters I would need to get the word out and point people directly to my listing. 

I began doing this by sharing my ebay listing via text with members of my family.  Some thought it was funny, and some didn't quite understand the point of such a listing.  I wasn't concerned if they liked it or not, my goal was to have them share my ebay listing with someone else.  In turn, I'm hoping whoever learned of it would share with another person and so on. As of right now I have less than 10 views on my listing and I'm confident those are just from my family and I.  Hopefully this number will start increasing in the next day or two.

In the meantime I'm working on educating myself further on internet marketing in hopes of picking up some strategies to market the drink coasters.  Do you have any suggestions or experience?  Please comment below.  Thanks for reading!
Welcome to my blog as well as my first post.  Today will be the first step in working toward my goal of earning extra income off of a bad idea.  I will be keeping track of the total revenue on the right, this total does take into account any expenses incurred related to my bad idea.  As you can see, I have yet to make a penny.  To be fair though, I have yet to reveal my first bad idea.