Welcome to my blog as well as my first post.  Today will be the first step in working toward my goal of earning extra income off of a bad idea.  I will be keeping track of the total revenue on the right, this total does take into account any expenses incurred related to my bad idea.  As you can see, I have yet to make a penny.  To be fair though, I have yet to reveal my first bad idea.
PictureDrink Coasters
So what am I going to attempt to sell for my first endeavor?  Drink coasters, yup, you read that correctly.  These aren't just any drink coasters, these are "Rustic Drink Coasters."  How did I decide on such an idea?  I was actually racking my brain for some time trying to come up with a "bad idea".  You'd think this would be a simple task, but it turned out to be quite challenging.  Then it dawned on me while I was cutting some lengths of wood for a home project.  It was a hot day and I went inside to grab a glass of ice water.  With water in hand I headed back out to the garage to continue working. I went to set my glass down but didn't want to set in on the dirty and grimey garage floor.  I noticed 5 scrap pieces of wood on the garage floor that were roughly the same size.    Instead of placing my glass on the dirty floor I opted to set it on one of the wood scraps. I'm certain at this point I heard the soft sounds of angels singing.  The Rustic Coaster was born. 

The exciting creation of the Rustic Coaster took place just a few days ago.  However today is the day I begin my efforts to sell it. Earlier today I created a listing on ebay for the Coasters.  My goal in creating the listing was to create it in a way that would make someone question it.  I want people to wonder whether it truly is a terrible product that someone is putting serious effort into selling or is it just a gag.  In my opinion my listing succeeded in meeting these goals.  I will check back in tomorrow with a progress update.

Any thoughts on my first bad idea?  Feel free to comment below.



07/26/2014 3:47am

I wasn't sure what to make of this (the blog) when I stumbled across it on Impossible. It's a really different idea and whilst I'm not sure if it will prove successful in the current form, I feel like it has potential to be something so…I guess what I wanted to say is that I think you should keep going and not listen to the negativity of others. My own feedback would be to not share the info about your current custody battle - I don't think you need to explain to people why you are doing this, it kind of detracts from it. I think you need to present that you are doing this blog solely because you believe in the idea and not for money or personal reasons or whatever. But that's just my opinion. Keep it up!

07/28/2014 8:29am

Thank you for the encouragement, it is much appreciated! I was going back and forth regarding including any information about my custody battle so thanks for the push in the right direction. I have removed the reference to it in my about page.

08/01/2017 9:44am

I believe that this is one of the most unique websites I've visited here on the internet. Well, experiments are bound only for two conclusions; either good or bad idea. I am sure you're about to offer us a different flavor of your creativity in writing. Though it sounds so weird and absurd, I am still hoping to learn something educational from your experiments! One more thing, do these bad experiments in moderation!

09/01/2016 5:34am

Almost everyone have lots of creative idea in his or her mind but they are feeling unsecured and confused and don’t comfortable to share their ideas with others. But you have guts to share your idea with others hope those ideas will be understandable by someone. I enjoy your stuff.

11/11/2016 3:03am

I don't think that this idea was so bad. Not the best, that's right)


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