As much as it pains me to say it, Rustic Coasters are officially discontinued.  The only set of Rustic Coasters sold were the one set sold on eBay.  Who knows, maybe someday they might be a collector's item!

A little over 2 months ago I made my first post on this site.  I had big dreams of being successful with what I thought was an innovative new idea.  I thought readers would latch on to the experiment and root for the underdog.

I truly believed that if you were passionate enough about an idea and stuck with it that there would be eventual success.

I spent many late nights coming up with ideas and countless hours creating videos (of which only one ever saw the light of day).  I assured my wife that it would take off, that my effort would pay off. 

I told her there are tons of people out there making a living from their blog.  I let her know that with enough work and effort, I too would be able to quit the job I dread going to every morning.

Somehow, over the past couple of months I managed to get a small amount of traffic on this site.  There are roughly 50 readers that visit this site daily.  I don't know who you are, but seeing that there were a few people out there reading what I wrote gave me motivation to continue.

I thought that all I needed was the right person to see my site and share it with their friends.  Once this happened I believed it would surely take off.

I apologize to anyone that was rooting for the idea behind this site.  Starting a website or blog is much more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

If you have your own website or blog, or have dreams of starting one, you know there is an abundance of information out there on how to be successful at it.

The problem is that much of the information is contradictory.  What works for one person, may not work for another.  There are just too many variables.

The New Direction

Has this experience dashed any hope of a successful blog?  It did at first, but not anymore.  After the bad experience I had attempting to start I learned something very valuable. 

The only person that knows how to find success is you!

When creating this blog I followed the advice of blog experts.  This blog was my first attempt, so I'm sure I did all kinds of things wrong.

I was so focused on what I was being told that I ignored my own instinct.

Just because another person had success doing something one way, doesn't mean it's the right way for you.

Due to this blog not gaining any visibility, I decided to try something.  I decided to create another blog.  A blog that I would create the way I wanted to, not listening to the blogging experts.

What happened with this blog?  It has taken off like a rocket!  At least in my eyes it has.  In two weeks I was able to take my blog from 0 visitors to over 7000 unique visitors in the course of 14 days.

This felt like a huge accomplishment.  In over 2 months, this site hasn't come close to those numbers.  I don't know the reasoning behind this.  I'd like to think it was because I stopped listening to the professionals and just did what I felt was right, but I have no data to back that up.

At this point you are probably expecting me to pitch you a product, give you information on how you can do this too.  Well, I'm not going to try selling you anything.

So what's the point of this site now?  I want to help you make your blog successful.

To try and help you out, I'm only going to charge $0.

That's right; I'm not going to charge you anything.

The new purpose of this site is to help out fellow bloggers.  I want to knock down the roadblocks that many bloggers face when starting out.  I can't guarantee that I know how to make your blog successful, but I will try to offer as much help as I can.

I would like you to contact me and let me know how I might be able to help you.  If what you’re asking is not something I can help with, I will attempt to point you in the direction of someone who may be able to help.

I have no idea what type of response this new direction will receive, but I will reply as quickly as possible to your questions.  With your permission I may also reach out to the readers of this site in regards to your question.

Where did this sudden change of direction come from?  I happened to come across an article online that was very interesting about an individual named Adam Grant.  He has a different outlook on the world than most.  He wrote a book about it called Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success.  I reached out to Adam via email for advice; I truly never expected to receive a response.   

After some time I had forgotten about the email I sent him.  Several weeks later I was surprised to find a response from him in my inbox. 

I opened it expecting a generic non-personal email, but it was quite the opposite.  He took the time to personally respond, mentioning that my Rustic Coaster website made him laugh.

He said he didn't believe he could answer my question, but he suggested I contact another individual.  I contacted that person the same day and this person was exactly the right person I needed to get my creative gears going.  This person helped me out and asked nothing in return. 

This experience is what motivated me to change directions on this blog.  I'm not going to try and sell you any blogging methods or strategies.  Some might consider this new direction a "Bad Idea", so luckily, the domain name still fits.

In closing, feel free to contact me about your blog and I'll see how I can help.



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